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Celebrating Flexible Working Across Industries: The Power Part Time 50 Awards

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This week flexible working jobs provider Timewise has launched a new piece of research that busts the ‘mum myth’ once and for all when it comes to flexible working, revealing that an astonishing 87% of the UK’s full-time workforce either work flexibly or wish they were doing so. Almost as many men (84%) as women (91%) say they would prefer to work this way, and it’s a high priority across the ages, from Millennials to baby boomers and everyone in between.

See more here: http://timewise.co.uk/knowledge/research/talent-imperative/.

So to reflect the shift in attitudes to flexible working, Timewise has taken its annual Power Part Time list a step further with the Timewise Power 50 awards, featuring exciting new categories that reflect the way flexibility is working today http://timewise.co.uk/power-50/what-when-why-how/.

If you or someone you know is working in a flexible way, Timewise wants to help you celebrate it. Below are the categories – please nominate anyone you think qualifies in any area, or ask a colleague to nominate you.  PR has featured regularly in previous years lists, and Women in PR President and two of the WIPR Committee members have been given Power Part Time awards.

Timewise is now looking for nominations to celebrate 2017’s  50 most inspirational people who are working flexibly, and doing so brilliantly, from across the following five categories:

  • Power Part Timers: Leaders who demonstrate successful flexibility in action by working at a senior level four days or fewer per week.

  • Power Climbers: Middle managers who are tipped for the top, progressing their careers whilst working four days or fewer per week.

  • Power Job Sharers: A pair of senior individuals who work together in a job share or job split, showing by example that two heads can be better than one.

  • Power Returners: Professional people who have returned from a career break of two years or more into a senior role on a part-time or flexible basis. May have come via a returner programme or other routes.

  • Power Founders: Small business founders who have used their start-up status to give themselves the chance to work flexibly. Nominees must have been trading for a minimum of two years (no sole traders) and have an annual turnover above £500,000.

And because flexibility works best when employers really get behind it, Timewise is also launching two employer awards, for forward-thinking businesses and organisations who have demonstrated an innovative approach to flexibility:

  • Employer Award: Flexible Job Design
  • Employer Award: Flexible Hiring

The stories Timewise shares about the winning individuals and employers will help the company bring flexible working even further into the spotlight, and inspire others to do the same. So if you know of someone who is making a success of flexibility, or an organisation which is delivering true flexibility in the workplace, please nominate them by Friday 3 November 2017.

The panel of expert judges will then pick the best of the best and Timewise will publish the definitive Timewise Power 50 on 26 February 2018.


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